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   Welcome to My  One Stop Voting Page  


Remains Closed


Salem's Web Champion

Salem's Web
Champion June 2016

Remains Closed




Site of the Year Champion 2016

 Week of Nov 13, 2017

Enchanteur level 1 & 2

3 Time Knight's Winner 2-26-2015

Sword of Excalibur Winner 11-19-2015

Week of November 13, 2017
 Samsworld World of Intrigue
@ Enchanted Valley

Champion SOTY 2014

Week of  November 13   2017

Samsworld Christmas @
Cosmic Centauri Rematch

Week of  November 13, 2017

Voting Graphic


Vampire Volta

Retired Champion 2016

Waiting on Site of the Year  2017



Samsworld of Intrigue @
Imperial Hall
 November 13,
Merlins Castle

Nov 13, 2017
Samsworld National Park
 Sams [email protected] Pegasus

Mystic Manor

Week of Nov 13, 2017
Samsworld of Intrigue 
Enchanted Dreamlight

King In Loving memory

Nov 13, 2017

Pet of the Year Champion 2016

The Pet Menagerie

Week of Nov 13, 2017

King In Loving memory @ level 2


Samsworld of Intrigue Retired Champion waiting on SOTY 

Week of Nov 13, 2017
King @

Champ for 2015

Champion 2016



King Retired
Closed until Further Notice

Merlin's Castle Campfire Mascots

Nov 13 , 2017


Samsworld Christmas Page

Joy to the World

Week of November 13, 2017



The OD Club

November 13 2017


Dreams of Atlanits

Nov 13 , 2017
Sandy Hook Restoration
Enchanted Dreamlight

Mystic Moonlight

Mystic Castles

@ Enchanted Dreamlight

Nov 13, 2017



November 13 , 2017

Adoption Center

King Best of Show  Champion 2017


High Plains Drifters

week of Nov 13 ,2017

Champion for 2014

Nov 13, 2017

The First Nowell


Top Site Voting

Top Site Voting

Top Site Voting


Nov 13, 2017

Nov 13, 2017

Click Here to Visit Fairy Musings   Top site Challenge  

Nov 13, 2017


The Huntress Den


Nov 13, 2017



Dreamers Odyssey Toplist Challenge


Nov 13, 2017  


Closed for Summer



Mystic Mznor

Retired Champion  2015

 Tournament of Champions 2nd Place

Mystical Realms  Is Now Closed!




Comp Is Now Closed





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