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     Welcome to Samsworld!


Here on My site you will find a Host of Worlds to explore.

    As you engage on your Journey through time, visit

 Sam's Lighthouse Web Page, Here you will 

discover all about the Legends and Histories of the Worlds

Lighthouses.  What it was like to live and work at one of these Sentinels to the Sea.

    My Wife and I are member of the The New Jersey Lighthouse Society

  Tours  of the Oldest Colonial Era Lighthouse in the United States are on Saturday and Sundays from April to December, and the times are as follows 12.00am till 4:30 pm.

For more information see     Sandy Hook Restoration.  

E-mail me at



    I also have included Holiday sites, Web Utilities , Midi File Sites, Standard and Animated Graphic File Sites and plenty of photos for your viewing Pleasure. So Put your Feet up and relax, for you are only mouse clicks  away from intrigue and mystery.  Scroll down to the voting links below and if you like  Please vote for this site .

Thank you 

Sam's World of Intrigue


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        The New Your Giants


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Please Note!!


    Should You like to download any of these files and or Pictures, please check the site for any download restrictions and or Copy Rite statements and if asked to, write to the author and or owner of the site for Permission to do so. Most of these sites allow for downloading.

    Also Please feel free to send me a link to your site. I will check it out and then will add it to my links page. I can be reached at the address below                                     

                                Thank You,



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